Rachel Rose

Awakening & empowering the feminine spirit

through ancient wisdom & embodiment practices


Heart medicine for the modern woman


It's no secret women everywhere are rising up and more of us are bringing our dreams into fruition! However, there's no question it also comes with intense hustle, grind and the feeling of burning the candle from both ends.

Hi, I'm Rachel Rossitto and I help women design (and sustain!) a nourishing lifestyle that enables them grow and expand internally so they can reach their fullest potential. 

I've found that it's impossible to create what we want in the world if we're utterly depleted. Beautiful, meaningful work comes when we are standing in our power and caring for ourselves and others from a place of abundance and overflow.

Through online programs, gatherings and private coaching, I hold a space for women to build a strong foundation of self-care rituals, healthy habits and most importantly, a loving relationship with herself that enables her to write that book, build that business, while having a balancing personal life so make the difference she want to make in the world with ease.


Where to begin ... 


Sacred Mornings

One of the most profound changes I've made in my life have been creating time for myself in the morning. 

To learn more how to do this, sign up to receive my free guide where I share my favorite ways to have a beautiful, luxurious, relaxing morning, which includes how to make an sacred altar, a guided meditations, handmade oils, playlists and more.  


Going Deeper

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Online courses, private coaching & women's gatherings


Offerings for 2017-2018



This 28-day online cleanse is a perfect way to nourish your body and cultivate beautiful daily self-care practices – leaving you feeling strong, healthy and with a beautiful glow from within. 



A 3 to 12 month path for women who wish they had a “fairy god mother” over their wellbeing so they can create the work they love. In person or via Skype. 



Feel more embodied, sensual, feminine and connected to your true essence in this 8-week holistic journey into YOU. Deepen in your daily rituals, call in sacred partnership and reclaim your feminine power. 



Based in the Bay Area? 
I host intimate workshops, full moon circles, retreats and gatherings for women throughout the year at my home in Mill Valley redwoods. Come join us! 


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